About this blog

Definitions of Subverting:

  • Cause the downfall of
  • Hinder normal operations
  • Destroy completely

Definitions of Complexity:

  • A development that complicates a situation
  • The quality of being intricate and compounded
  • The state or quality of being complicated

As programmers and software architects, we spend our lives working with inherently complex concepts, systems and problems. I would argue that we love doing what we do exactly because complex things light up our neurons. However, there is a difference between a complex problem with a simple solution, and a simple problem with a complex solution.

Those are obviously the 2 extremes, with a range of intermediate possibilities in between. But sadly, we tend to mostly err on the side of solutions that are more complicated than the problems we are trying to solve, and that does not make the world a better place.

I have noticed this tendency in myself over the years, and so I named this blog “Subverting Complexity” as an active reminder that it is the way I want to constantly design systems, write code, and build teams. In other words, identify the actual problems that most need to be solved in the context, find the simplest solution that will suffice, produce something of value, and simply make the world another bit better.

I hope to convey something of this in this blog.

About me

I am the exceptionally happy husband of one amazing and gorgeous woman, and the proud father of one beautiful daughter and two magnificently wild sons.

I love solving problems, especially through writing software. Coding is much like breathing to me, only more stimulating.

I’m in the trailing end of my second decade as a programmer, and loving it more than ever.

I like to think of myself as a solutions architect, a pretty good programmer, a team builder and a problem solver.

While I love simplifying complexity, I sometimes only manage to complify simplexity, and on those days I will probably not write a blog post.

I am passionate about excellence, simplicity, incremental design, quality, adding real value, high performance and cross functional teams, people and a whole bunch of other things, some relevant to this blog, some not.

My name is Jacques; thanks for meeting me.

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